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The Route

LONG WALK  (18 km / 6 hours)

The Long Walk (LW) starts at Bromesberrow and follows the 18 km length of the Malvern Hills, going over 17 peaks, finishing in Priory Park  in Great Malvern. Entrants can report to the Registration Area, in Priory Park Great Malvern, from 0700 hrs. The first coach will leave for Bromesberrow around 0715, which is a 40-minute journey.  Additional coaches will leave approximately every 30 minutes, with the last coach for the Long Walk route leaving at 1015 hrs.


At the drop off point, there will be a brief from a marshal before walkers are set off in staggered groups. The 18 km walk is divided into 9 sectors, (shown in the map tiles to the right) with a route guide describing each sector.  The guide will be given to walkers during the coach journey to the drop-off point.


The route will be clearly signposted with yellow and black signs

(see picture on the right), there will also be marshals at key points

where the route crosses roads.


The Malvern Hills Hotel is approximately halfway along the Long Walk route, where it joins the start of the Short Walk just after British Camp.  Sally's Place is a small cafe opposite the hotel,  selling ice creams, snacks and drinks. 

The Challenge Route 'Sector' Maps

LW  Sector 1

LW  Sector 2

LW  Sector 3

LW  Sector 4

LW  Sector 5

LW-SW  Sector 6

LW-SW  Sector 7

9. The Dingle to Priory Park new.png

LW-SW  Sector 8

LW-SW  Sector 9

SHORT WALK  (9 km / 3 hours)

The Short Walk (SW) is a continuation of the Long Walk, starting below British Camp at the Malvern Hills Hotel and follows the northern 9 km of the Malvern Hills finishing in Priory Park in Great Malvern. Entrants can report to the Registration Area in Priory Park in Great Malvern, from 1000 hrs. The first coach will leave for British Camp at 1015 hrs, with a journey time of about 15 minutes. There will be a Short Walk briefing and entrants will be set off in staggered groups towards the finish in Great Malvern.


There are opportunities to stop for refreshments along the way at the Wyche Inn (turn right for 100 metres when crossing the Wyche Cutting road), and St Ann’s Well Café (about 1 km from the finish). Both have toilets and serve refreshments. 



All walkers will finish in Priory Park in Great Malvern, the finish will close at 1800. When they cross the finish line, the Malvern Mayor and Hero the Bear will present medals and entrants can have their photograph taken. The route back to the Splash Car Park and Great Malvern Station are shown on your map and will be signposted.



Make the most of the Malvern Hills Challenge with the free OS Locate app. It provides GPS location readings and a compass on your mobile phone.  You can see a map of the route on the OS website. If you do require assistance call the MHC Team emergency number  07709890330, printed on the back of the Route Guide, and we can pinpoint your location using the grid reference on your phone.

You should also download the app "what3words".  This gives an accurate 3 word description of your location and can be used to locate walkers in the event of an accident.

Places to Eat and Drink

Malvern Hills Hotel

Sally's Place

Cafe H20


Wyche Inn

St. Ann's Well


The route is divided into 9 sectors, with a 1:50,000 map panel for each sector.  There are 5 sectors from Bromesberrow to the Malvern Hills Hotel, and 4 further sectors to Priory Park in Great Malvern.  These maps are illustrated in the Route Guide, which is given to each competitor during the coach journey to the drop off points. The maps can also be viewed using the links on this page.

Great Malvern Hotel



There are several establishments where you can stop along the Malvern Hills Challenge route for food and drink refreshments.


  • Malvern Hills Hotel

       (opposite the British Camp Car Park)

  • Sally's Place

       (opposite the British Camp Car Park)

  • Cafe H20

       (turn left at the road in the Wyche Cutting, 200 metres on the right)

  • Wyche Inn

       (turn right at the road in the Wyche Cutting, 100 metres on the left)

  • St Ann's Well Cafe

       (on the route down from North Hill, 800 m from the finish in Priory Park)

  • Great Malvern Hotel

       (centre of Great Malvern 200 m from the Theatres and the finish in Priory Park)



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