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Event Information

The Two Routes

The Malvern Hills Challenge can be walked as an individual or a team with a choice of two beautiful routes;

  • The 18 km ‘Long Walk’, which will take around 6 hours at a steady pace, it can take up to 8 hours for slow walkers.

  • The 9 km ‘Short Walk’, which will take around 3 hours, it can take up to 5 hours for slow walkers.


All entrants must be physically fit enough to walk the two routes.  It is the responsibility of every entrant to ensure they are suitably fit and healthy to undertake the Malvern Hills Challenge. Entrants are further responsible for ensuring that, where required, they have with them any medication or medical devices that might be needed during the Challenge.


Dogs are welcome at the event and can be taken on the coaches (though they must be kept on a lead, please).  All dogs completing the Challenge will receive a rosette.


All entrants are asked to abide by the Countryside code throughout the walk, details are provided here.


Registration Area and Parking


The Malvern Hills Challenge begins at the Registration Area in Malvern Priory Park, between the Malvern Theatres and the Splash Leisure Centre.  The Splash car park is off Priory Road (WR14 3DS), there are other car parks around the park shown on the map.  Parking tickets are £3.00 for the day. It is possible to park in the roads nearby. Those arriving by train will find that there is a frequent service to Great Malvern Station.  Priory Park is a short 5 min walk up the road from the station. (Don't get off at Malvern Link).


There are 5 entry points around Priory Park, there will be yellow 'Registration'

arrow signs marking the entrances and paths into Priory Park to the

Registration area, as shown to the right here.




Register by choosing one of three 'Waves' between 0700-1100 hrs, the details of each wave are as follows:

  • Wave A - Long Walk - 0700-0830 hrs. People who want an early start and finish, or those who want to take their time and stop along the route, or entrants who need more time (e.g. family with young children or those who have some form of disability) should consider opting for this registration slot.  There will be regular bus runs to the Long Walk Start starting at 0715 hrs.

  • Wave B - Long Walk - 0830-1000 hrs.  People who can complete the walk at a steady pace should opt for this registration slot.  There will be regular bus runs to the Long Walk Start,  starting at 0845 hrs with the last run at 1000 hrs approximately.  People arriving after 1000 hrs will not be able to register for the Long Walk.

  • Wave C - Short Walk - 1000-1100 hrs.  People entering the Short Walk will not be able to register before 1000 hrs. Those who need more time (e.g. family with young children or those who have some form of disability) should consider registering as soon as possible after 1000 hrs so they can take the first bus run to the start. There will be regular bus runs to the Short Walk Start,  starting at 1015 with the last run at 1115 hrs approximately. Entrants arriving after 1100 hrs will not be able to register for the Short Walk as the Registration Area will be closed.


Event Packs


Each entrant will receive a T-Shirt, a self-adhesive race number and a water bottle.  Our water bottles in 2024 were supplied by Fluid Branding who planted a tree for every order they received.   On the coach entrants will be given Route Guide containing a map and description of each sector, places to stop for refreshments along the route and information on what to do in an emergency.


Transportation, Start Points, Marshals and Monitoring

After registration in Priory Park, entrants will be told when to walk the 150 metres to the coach pickup point in Priory Road.  They will be told which coach to board to transport them to the starting point.

Once at the drop off point entrants will be directed to the start of the route by a marshal. There will be signs and marshals along the route to guide walkers at key crossing points to complement the route guide.  The Long Walk joins the Short Walk at the Malvern Hills Hotel and the finish for both routes is back at Priory Park in Malvern.


All entrants will be checked in at the registration area and tracked/monitored through two checkpoints on the route and again checked in at the finish. Please note the event finish will not be manned beyond 1800 hrs.  The Splash car park is 300 metres from the finish area.

First Aid will be supplied by Hereford and Worcester Community First Responders.  If you require first aid support, please call the Malvern Hills Challenge Team Emergency Number  07709 890330.  First Aid posts will be situated at British Camp and at the Finish.


At The Finish

All walkers who complete the Challenge will receive a medal and their dog(s) will get a rosette.  There will be an opportunity to have your photograph taken as an individual or as a team.  Entrants can also download a digital certificate from this website to commemorate their achievement of completing the Malvern Hills Challenge.

Entry Fees

Your entry fee will be a donation direct to Help for Heroes




(under 14)





(under 14)


Long Walk

Short Walk



£25 (pp)

£25 (pp)

Useful Links

Mount Pleasant Logo.jpeg

The Mount Pleasant Hotel is offering walkers a 15% reduction in accomodation costs for that weekend. 

Send a copy of  your registration email to  for more details.

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