The Design Finalists

This is a video message from the Help for Heroes CEO Mel Waters thanking the students for their contributions to MHC-21 design competition.

Issy Wilson.jpg

I am Issy Wilson and I am 14 years old. I wanted to take part in this Graphic design project because it sounded fun and I wanted to try something new. I was inspired by my love of walking and the Malvern Hills. I teamed up with Izzy Barrett halfway through and we helped each other design our final logos. I am taking Graphics for GCSE and I would love to have a go at designing more logos. I am looking forward to the walk as I regularly walk on the Malvern Hills and I would love to find new routes. I have loved being involved and developing my initial ideas with Izzy. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. 

Issy Wilson

I am Isabel Barrett and I am 14 years old. One of the main reasons I wanted to take part in the Malvern Hills Challenge was because I have always loved designing characters, logos and other aspects on Adobe and when this project came up I thought it would be really fun and a new experience for me to gain a lot from. I loved the thrill of developing my initial ideas into what they are now and hearing what others had to say about them. At first, I was working on my own, but my friend Izzy Wilson and I decided to team up and work together for the rest of the project. I loved working with Izzy and hearing what changes she wanted make. I am also doing Graphics for GCSE and can’t wait to see what paths it will take me in.

Isabel Barrett

My name is Pia Schmitz and I am in Lower Sixth. My motivation to participate in this project was to deepen my skills in design as well as working as a team with the others and all that for a good cause. My ideas were inspired by classical symbols of honour and heroism, for example loral leaves, but giving this a modern and timeless touch to ensure the design speaks to younger generations as well and to interest them in the organisation’s cause. It meant a lot to me to have been a part of the project as the Malvern Hills Challenge allows for everyone to give something back to the veterans that have served the country and protected us.

Pia Schmitz

My name is Kelsey, Help for Heroes is very close to my heart as my Mum is a Naval Nurse and my Dad is a Navy Veteran. The fact that I was able to help support the Malvern Hills Challenge in my final year of Malvern College was an amazing experience and I look forward to walking on the hills in support of this organisation.

Kelsey Richmond

Chloe MacKellar

My name is Chloe Mackellar, I live locally near West Malvern and I am always out admiring the natural beauty of the Malvern hills, so when this exciting opportunity came up, I thought that it would be a really nice idea to help the Malvern Hills challenge with their special anniversary designs. I am so grateful for the opportunity of being part of this amazing experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed coming up with all sorts of creative ideas. I am taking my art GCSE next year and this project has really helped me have more confidence in my thoughts and to not be afraid of pursuing an idea. Some of my original ideas were inspired by local businesses and places that play a main part in providing such a lovely environment around the foot of the Malvern hills, such as The Malvern Hills Hotel and Morgan car factory. Furthermore, I was also inspired by the iconic bold Help for Heroes stretcher logo, consisting of two soldiers carrying an injured comrade with his thumb up. This made me think of how people participate in the challenge by supporting each other to complete it whilst having a great time. I think that the Malvern Hills challenge is a great opportunity to experience the spectacular views and spend time having fun with friends and family whilst raising money for an amazing cause. I can’t wait to participate in the next upcoming event and bring my friends and family along!