MHC-21 Designs

Issy Wilson.jpg

Issy Wilson

Isabel Barrett

The designs for the 10th Anniversary MHC-21 event are shown below, incorporating the winning designs from Issy Wilson and Isabel Barrett from Malvern College; winners of the Malvern Hills Challenge 10th Anniversary design competition in July 2020.  Each entrant will be given a route guide and a T-Shirt during registration and will be presented a medal for completing the walk, dogs will also receive a rosette for completing the walk.  A certificate can be downloaded after the event from the website.

You can read more about the design competition and who was involved here and information on all the finalists and their inspiration for taking part here.


T-shirt - Front

t-shirt rear.png

T-shirt - Rear

Medal - Front

Rosette Mockup 2021.png

Dog Rosette

Medal - Rear

Medal Front.png
Medal Rear.png
Flyer Design 2021 - 2.jpg

Event Flyer

Route Guide Cover 2021 Black.jpg

Route Guide

Certificate Design 2021.jpg