10th Anniversary Designs - Malvern College

Barrett Design.jpg

Isabel Barrett's winning design (copyright MHC-21 use only)


Issy Wilsons winning design (copyright MHC-21 use only)

Challenge Design Competition

To mark our 10th Challenge Event we thought it would be a great idea to invite Malvern College, our main sponsor, asking their design and technology students to create a special anniversary design that would convey the spirit of the Malvern Hills Challenge and commemorate the 10th Anniversary Challenge.  The winning designs would feature on our website, social media channels, printed literature and branded goods to promote the event.

We worked closely with the Malvern College Design & Technology Department briefing the students on our requirements.  We reviewed all the early design ideas and selected five student's designs to go into the final; Izzy Wilson, Isabel Barrett, Pia Schmitz, Chloe MacKellar and Kelsey Richmond.  The MHC Committee really liked all the final designs and thank all the students for the high standard of their entries.  In the end we really loved two designs that complimented each other and decided to incorporate both into our 10th Anniversary event branding .


Congratulations go to Issy Wilson and Isabel Barrett whose winning designs have been selected to promote the 10th Anniversary Malvern Hills Challenge, now taking place on 18 September 2021.

The Winning Designs

Issy Wilson.jpg

Issy's Designs

We loved the simplicity of Issy’s design embellishing our existing logo with the '10' to signify the 10th Anniversary event and the walkers and their dog along with the 'Boot Prints'. Issy said her design was inspired by her love of walking on the Malvern Hills. Issy's design has been adapted slightly and will feature on our website, social media, printed literature and branded products to promote the event, especially the medal and the t-shirt.

Issy Wilson


Isabel's Design

We also loved the bold design of Isabel's stick characters, conveying the Help for Heroes colours in the walkers and the dog design - both core aspects of the MHC event.  Isabel selected a stock royalty free photograph of the Malvern Hills to use with her stick character design. Her design will feature on the MHC-21 website, social media channels and on all the printed literature, including event flyers, pop-up stands, the route guide and the event certificates for the walkers to download.

Isabel Barrett

Design Finalists

Details of all the design finalists can be seen here, where they describe their inspiration for being involved in the competition.

MHC-21 Designs

The designs for MHC-21 publications and products using Issy's and Isabel's designs can be seen here.

Design Coordinators

Tony Potter came up with the idea for the competition and did a lot of the liaison during the design process. His depth of knowledge of the event combined with his supportive nature towards the students has been invaluable.

Tony said “From the beginning it was important for the team to engage with the local community. I am incredibly grateful to Malvern College, we hope that this venture will raise further awareness of the Malvern Hills Challenge event, the great work of Help for Heroes and introduce parents of the boarding community to the beauty of the area surrounding Malvern College.  We were also delighted that the H4H CEO, Mel Waters, was able to send a special video message to Malvern College to congratulate the winners and thank everyone for their involvement in the project.”

Laura Shales is the Teacher of Design & Technology at Malvern College, she encapsulated the project by saying “It was a unique opportunity to offer the students the chance to work with a client on a live brief.  The students were immediately captivated by the possibility of seeing their designs being used in the public domain to promote such an important and worthwhile event.

The students involved spanned all year groups across the college and the mix of students ages, nationalities and backgrounds allowed for a lot of creative discussion. The students selected to team up into subgroups, sharing skills, knowledge and ideas. I have been blown away by the level of engagement, focus and maturity the students have shown to this project.

Help for Heroes charity is one which is close to many of the students’ hearts at Malvern College as we have many students who have parents or relations who are serving or have served in the military. The Malvern Hills Challenge event is a fantastic way to raise money for this important charity, whilst also showcasing the natural beauty of the Malvern Hills and the surrounding area where the students are so privileged to study. Through taking part in this event the students and I feel we have made a more personal connection to the event and we are all excited to take part in the challenge. The involvement in this project has certainly raised the students awareness of the charity and the event and I am sure they will continue to promote both the event and Help for Heroes within their social circles.”

Mike Gordon has been central in putting the design brief together and converting the designs into the website, final event publications and products.  Mike said "It is really exciting to see fresh new ideas for the designs for the Malvern Hills Challenge.  The two winning designs are testament to that and make the Malvern Hills Challenge 10th Anniversary Event really stand out. The girls are really talented and have done an excellent job."